Are your papers in order, sir?

Assert your rights guaranteed
by the 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendments!

"I do not answer questions."

"I will not consent to a search."

"Am I free to go?"


Whether being accused of a simple traffic ticket, first degree murder, or anything in between - most defendants are convicted via the evidence that comes out of their own mouths!

State of New Jersey Confirms

You are not required to answer police questions!

(Since this is based on the protections of the Federal Constitution it applies equally to all States of the Union.)


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Rights Card courtesy of the late William H. Buckman, a tireless champion of justice.

Michael Wood
A former Baltimore cop and USMC veteran speaks out on his experiences with police corruption, brutality, and racism.

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Exercising rights is only radical to two kinds of people: Tyrants and Slaves.

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